10 Sep

"Quadruple aim" "Prevention Management"

Still an Anomaly? Medical Resident Exploring Prevention

We recently met Dr. Kenji Taylor when he reached out to us to learn more about PreventScripts.  After several email exchanges with Dr. Taylor, we were inspired by his interest in combining public health and medicine to help patients turn back disease or prevent ...
Brandi Harless
30 Jul

"Quadruple aim" "Prevention Management" Patient Centered Medical Home Population Health MACRA Predictive Analytics

Atul Gawande's Ted Talk Points to Importance of Systems and Prevention

Healthcare is buzzing as Atul Gawande has been selected as CEO of the Berkshire-Hathaway/Amazon/JP Morgan strategic venture. I was thrilled they picked a physician, like myself, in the trenches to run their gig. After hearing the news, I remembered Gawande’s Ted ...
Dr. Natalie Hodge
21 Jun

"Quadruple aim" "Prevention Management" Patient Centered Medical Home MACRA Predictive Analytics Natalie Hodge MD

PreventScripts Voted Finalist in Healthcare Finance Management Association Innovation Lab

The Healthcare Finance Management Association members have voted PreventScripts a company with “the most intriguing, innovative and needed solution for our industry”.
Dr. Natalie Hodge
11 Jun
09 May
23 Apr